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Active Motif | Proteins for Epigenetic Research

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Active Motif is a leading developer of reagents, assay and services for epigenetic drug discovery. They off a large collection of full-length high-quality HMTs, HDMs, HATs, HDACs, reader domains and enzyme complexes for many relevant drug targets, such as NSD2, DOT1L, LSD1, KDN5A, KDM5B, BRD4, PRC2 and MLL. In addition, they provide a wide selection of histone substrates, including full length modified histones and nucleosomes, as well as small molecules for a complete solution to assay design for epigenetic drug discovery.

The comprehensive protein and small molecules suppy all the reagents needed for epigenetic drug discovery research including: 

  1. Physiologically relevant substrates
  2. Epigenetic enzymes and readers
  3. Small molecules to modulate the activity

For more information on the proteins for epigenetic research, please download the catalogue.

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