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CorningĀ® | Dissolvable Microcarriers, Denatured Collagen-coated

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The new denatured collagen-coated Corning Dissolvable Microcarriers are designed to simplify your cell harvest, separation, and concentration processes. The microcarriers arrive pre-sterilized and pre-coated with denatured collagen to enhance cell attachment for optimal yield and viability. They dissolve easily within 10 to 20 minutes, so you can easily collect your cells without the need for microcarrier separation. Corning dissolvable microcarriers offer you a cell separation that is faster, gentler, and more convenient than that of traditional microcarriers.


›Consistency – USP Class VI polystyrene material provides a consistent platform
›Performance – Corning Microcarriers are offered with two surface treatments:

- Corning Synthemax® II Coating: the unique Corning Synthemax II substrate creates a synthetic surface on the microcarriers for stem cell expansion
- Enhanced Attachment: Corning CellBIND® Surface treatment infuses the surface of the microcarriers with oxygen to improve cell attachment

›Highest Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) of 10-6
›Certified nonpyrogenic
›Available as Closed System Solutions


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Dissolvable microcarriers, denatured collagen-coated

1g vial


Dissolvable microcarriers, denatured collagen-coated

5g vial


Dissolvable microcarriers, denatured collagen-coated

10g vial


Dissolvable microcarriers, denatured collagen-coated

100g btl

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