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CorningĀ® | Lymphocyte Separation Medium

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Lymphocyte separation medium (LSM) is designed to separate lymphocytes from dilute blood samples in vitro. It is a sterile isotonic solution of Ficoll and diatrizoate. LSM is a sterile-filtered solution containing 96.22 g/L diatrizoate and 61.36 g/L Ficoll 400. At 20°C, it has low viscosity and a density of 1.077–1.080 g/mL. The osmotic pressure of the solution is 290 ± 20 mOsm, and the pH is 7.5 ± 1.5.
Cell separation is performed using density-gradient centrifugation to obtain peripheral blood lymphocytes. The solution is centrifuged at low speed for 30 min, forming a multi-layered solution due to differences in density. Mononuclear cells (lymphocytes and monocytes) and platelets form a band between the plasma and the LSM. Red blood cells and granulocytes cross the LSM layer and precipitate at the bottom of the tube. The plasma layer is removed and lymphocytes are reobtained. The excess platelets, LSM, and plasma are removed by subsequent rinsing.
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