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PHCbi | MDF-DU900V

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MDF-DU900V features PHCbi’s advanced VIP PLUS insulation panels, which optimize interior volume within the smallest footprint possible to ensure the most efficient use of space. VIP PLUS technology incorporates a revolutionary vacuum insulation cabinet construction that reduces wall thickness by approximately one half.

Maximum Sample Storage

The use of space saving VIP PLUS panels within the freezer cabinet allows a capacity of up to 672 2” boxes inside a footprint of just 1m2 for maximum storage. The freezer’s conventional depth allows for easy installation.

Reliable PHCbi Technologies

The compressors that are specifically designed for ultra-low temperature applications are employed in the proven PHCbi cascade refrigeration system ensuring the highest levels of performance and reliability.


Effective Capacity


Temperature Control Range

 -50°C to -90°C

Exterior Dimensions

 1150 x 870 x 1990

Net Weight

 372 kg 


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