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This system is designed for decontamination of effluent in BL3 and BL4 labs, biological containment facilities, vaccine production facilities, animal production and comparative medicine. 

When the concern is waste disposal for high-level containment labs, operational safety and system efficacy are paramount. STERIS CED is designed to replace kill tanks and also beyond the performance of kill tanks addressing all the flaws of the kill tank.

Effluent stream is gravity drained or pumped to a buffer tank. If present, solid particles are removed from the effluent stream and sterilized prior to entering the buffer tank. Decontamination unit starts and stops automatically, according to user-definable start and stop levels of the tank. Effluent is pressurized and pumped through plant steam heat exchangers to raise temperature to a minimum of ≥150 °C with exposure to achieve decontamination efficiency equal to 45 minutes in a sterilizer, or higher. Effluent is cooled down to customer specific outlet temperature by using cooling water heat exchangers. Decontamination process and system status are continuously monitored and recorded by the self-diagnostic automatic control system.

STERIS CED can addressed the need for

         •           Ease of use. CED offers continuous processing of waste opposed to batch processing in kill tank. Features automatic operations and self diagnostics function.

         •           Capable of processing solid waste with a unique automatic upstream solid waste separation/ sterilization

         •           Need for validation standards for hazardous fluid decontamination. This is key benefit as kill tank fail to continually measure the effectiveness of the decontamination process itself. 

         •           Built-in quick and safe diagnostic control and repair of problems. Though kill tank technology offers safety checks but it lack the advanced controls to ensure that the components are working properly

         •           Safety is paramount. CED is a closed and sealed system with redundant processing systems and independent safety zones for each function (prefiltering, buffering, venting and decontamination)

         •           Small footprint occupying approximately 2/3 of the space required for a kill tank. CED buffer tank can be sized to hold 1000 to 10,000 liters. And the processing system can be sized from 100 liters/ hour to 1000 liters/ hour. Compared to the large space demanded by kill tank system and containment basin, high efficiency filtration system for ventilation of the area.

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