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Tecan | FLUENT 480, 780, 1080


More functionality in less space

Fluent’s patented Dynamic Deck™ allows the high capacity worktable to be freely confi gured and easily reconfigured. The cabinet-mounted option lets you take full advantage of the system’s in-deck and below-deck access, expanding capacity and functionality without extending the instrument’s footprint.

Intuition built right in Every Fluent comes with a dedicated touchscreen interface that can be individually tailored to specific applications and personalized for each user. Requiring little or no training, the interface clearly defines every action for more straightforward, consistent operation.

Device integration for fully automated workflow

Enjoy true walkaway operation with Fluent’s seamless integration of complementary peripherals, all fully managed with FluentControl™ software for maximum throughput and minimum operator input.

Execute protocols more quickly, efficiently and reliably

Perform multiple tasks simultaneously with fast, independent, task-specifi c arms that work in parallel. Runs are completed faster and more effi ciently with patented Path Finder™ technology that automatically calculates the optimal moves for every arm everytime

Greater peace of mind

Ensure the integrity of your results with a broad array of fully integrated technologies and capabilities: • 1D/2D barcode reading for effi cient sample tracking • Liquid level detection for reliable pipetting performance • Plate move confi rmations • User interaction logs

Flexibility to deal with the unexpected Fluent’s Active

Stop and Resume function enables the operator to instantly access the workdeck during a run – allowing set-up errors or omissions to be corrected – simply by opening the door. Once the actions is finished simply close the door and resume the program, which will pick up where it left off.

Save reagents and sample

For optimal liquid handling performance, Fluent is equipped with Adaptive Signal Technology™, a new generation of liquid level sensing. This technology provides real-time aspiration monitoring and liquid arrival checks, enabling the use of smaller sample volumes and reducing dead volumes, as well as providing exceptional automated error handling.

System cloning without time consuming teaching

The Fluent’s outstanding system precision and unique Zero G ability remove the hassle from teaching channel positions for 96-, 384- and 1,536-well microplate formats. Methods can be easily transferred between platforms simply exporting and importing scripts, without the need for time-consuming set-up of individual instruments.

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