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Tecan | FREEDOM EVO 100, 150 AND 200

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Each of the three robotic platforms offers an advanced, proven and reliable liquid handling system for different scales and throughputs. With the choice of various liquid handling and manipulative robotic arms we provide an extendable work area and variable configurations.


With its choice of different liquid handling arms as 2- to 16-channel liquid handling arms and MultiChannel Arm™ 96 and MultiChannel Arm™ 384 Freedom EVO can be tailored to your performance requirements.

Liquid volumes range from 100 nl to 5ml and can be extended with DynamicFill™ Technology to 50 ml and higher.

Reliability and Precision

The Freedom EVO liquid handling arms combine reliability with advanced pipetting precision suitable for high density formats like 1536 well plates. The liquid level of samples can be detected and monitored during pipetting using capacitive and/or pressure methods.
With the safety option Pressure Monitored Pipetting (PMP™) errors are detected by comparing recorded and real-time-simulated pipetting pressure signals.


The liquid handling arm can be equipped with disposable tips and/ or washable tips with various chemically resistant and biologically appropriate coatings and lengths.

Get the highest degree of flexibility with the MultiChannel Arm™ 384 which works with 8, 12, 16, 24, 96 or 384 channels depending on your application needs.


A choice among over 90 different arm configurations and possible reconfigurations of the modular instrument on site (e.g. exchange of arms) ensures that each system can evolve as your application requirements change.

Enhance the functionality of the platform with a variety of options and with an extensive range of carriers for positioning labware (e.g. tubes, plates, reagent bottles or slides) on the worktable.

Parallel processing

We offer liquid handling and robotic elements that work together to best automate your process and optimize your workflow. 

Scheduling liquid handling simultaneously with plate logistics and management of other downstream processing steps increases process speed, enhances throughput and provides efficient use of all process resources.

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