Tecan | Fluent® Automation Workstation

Tecan has reshaped liquid handling and process automation with Fluent, an exceptional instrumentation concept providing a choice of workstation capacities, and robotics, liquid handling and application options to suit the process-specific needs of your laboratory.

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Fluent offers new opportunities to laboratories looking for state-of-the-art automation to:

  • Increase productivity
  • Streamline workflows
  • Optimize assay precision and consistency
  • Relieve operators from repetitive tasks

The system’s fully modular, open architecture allows each instrument to be individually configured with robotic arms for pipetting and labware movement, helping laboratories to meet throughput, cost saving and productivity targets.

Working in a regulated environment?

Extend Fluent with the Fluent Gx Assurance software. Fluent Gx offers the advanced process security features required to support compliance in clinical, GMP and QC facilities.

Fluent highlights
Increase productivity, extend functionality and optimize walkaway times

Make better use of the space in your lab.

  • Increase throughput and productivity per m2
  • Compact design fits more functionality into less space
  • Maximize unattended running with:
    • Exceptional on-deck, in-deck and below-deck capacity
    • Easy device integration

Fast and streamlined performance

Maximize the execution of your workflows by selecting up to three independent, task-specific arms.

  • All arms can move and perform their tasks in parallel
  • Effectively combine pipetting, detection, separation and logistics steps
  • Fast arm speeds and efficiently planned moves increase overall throughput

Optimize walkaway times

Enjoy true walkaway operation with large batch capacities and seamless integration of complementary peripherals, all fully managed by FluentControl™ software.

  • Accommodate six microplates or tip boxes in the worktable depth
  • Use stacked or nested tips to increase on-deck capacity
  • Integrate multiple devices on the worktable, around the periphery or below the deck

Versatile tube and plate handling with a Robotic Gripper Arm™

  • Handles a variety of labware types, such as plates, tubes and pipette tips
  • Provides smart interfacing between the worktable and integrated devices
  • Works interdependently, without interrupting pipetting processes
  • Has a unique Finger Exchange System™ to further extend the range of labware formats and devices that can be accommodated

More functionality in less space

In addition to its extensive deck capacity, Fluent offers expanded functionality and device integration without extending the instrument footprint.

  • Flexible access to devices and storage below the workdeck for cabinet-based instruments
  • Unique double deck allows tall devices to be placed in the deck, reducing their profile and allowing pipetting access, even for benchtop systems
  • Eccentric Robotic Gripper Arm fingers extend peripheral access at the edge of the pipetting area

Measure and improve liquid handling efficiency

Use cloud-based Introspect™ dashboards to get a comprehensive overview of when and how your connected laboratory automation systems are used, with real-time data on instrument uptime, consumables consumption and run success.

Easy to use – every day, for every operator

Combine intuitive operation with the flexibility to automate complex processes.

  • Standardized touchscreen operator interface
  • Guided start-up and workflows
  • Ease of programming and teach-free set-up
  • Extensive error handling options and unique Method Recovery function

Exceptional ease of use

  • Built-in touchscreen for daily operation
  • On-screen information guides users for fast, consistent operation
  • Easy set-up, with drag and drop script development, smart wizards and real-time simulations
  • Teach-free set-up of standard labware formats and deck layouts

Easy programming and effortless operation

FluentControl™ software simplifies even extremely challenging applications

  • Simple drag and drop interface
  • 3D graphics for real-time simulation and offline visualization
  • Smart Commands for standard actions, such as ‘distribute reagents’ or ‘transfer samples’

Flexibility to deal with the unexpected

  • Active Stop and Resume function allows instant access to the workdeck during a run
  • Method Recovery allows runs to be continued if interrupted, eg. after power loss
  • Extensive error handling during live processing, eg. insufficient sample volume detected

Create wizard-like interfaces

  • Embed photos, videos and SOPs to inform and remind users
  • Create interactive interfaces with the Application Toolkit to further simplify everyday operation

3D simulations

  • Easy development of new assays in FluentControl, with offline visualization
  • Test new assays without using reagents or consumables
  • Estimate timings accurately and precisely, with real-time functions
High performance pipetting

Fluent offers exceptional liquid handling performance.

  • Freely combine high precision single and multiple tip formats
  • Non-contact dispensing, even below 5 µl
  • Chose the right pipetting technology to match your application
  • Fine tune critical pipetting positions with Zero-G teaching
  • Chose disposable or washable fixed tips to suit your application and budget
Choice of powerful liquid handling technologies

Fluent’s Flexible Channel Arm™ provides outstanding flexibility by offering a choice of air- or liquid-displacement pipetting technologies.

  • Eight pipetting channels with individual liquid level detection
  • Channel spacing can be automatically adjusted on-the-fly to access microplate wells, sample tubes or reagent bottles
  • Optimize volume ranges from <500 nl to >5 ml using fixed or disposable tips
  • FluentControl™ software offers robust default liquid definitions, and makes it easy to change parameters for any fluid
Next generation process control

Fluent’s unique teach-free deck gets you up and running quickly.

  • Zero-G teaching allows fast fine-tuning of critical pipetting positions
  • Accurate positioning to support 384-well, 1,536-well or similar plate densities
  • Path Finder™ move optimization technology ensures fast, adaptive movement throughout the work area
Save sample and reagent volumes

Fluent’s new generation Adaptive Signal Technology™ liquid level sensing enables the detection and use of smaller sample volumes.

  • Detect down to 2 µl of aqueous solution, or 10 µl of ethanol
  • Receive warnings and error handling support for low sample availability
  • Minimize the risk of transfer errors using aspiration and dispense monitoring
  • Liquid arrival check matches liquid and destination for ultimate process security
Multiple Channel Arm – 96- and 384-channel formats in one head

The Multiple Channel Arm has 384 pipetting channels, and can change between 96- and 384-well formats on-the-fly.

  • Change between labware formats in <5 seconds
  • Swap between disposable and fixed tips in <5 seconds
  • Extend the flexibility of plate format usage within or between each assay workflow
  • Offers row, column, quadrant or single disposable tip handling
Up to 16 individual pipetting channels

Dual Flexible Channel Arm configurations offer 16 individual pipetting tips for more speed.

  • Dual arms operate in parallel for twice the throughput
  • Each channel offers individual liquid level detection and monitoring
  • Optimize pipetting range and combine pipetting technologies, or fixed and disposable tips, within a single process

Enhanced process security and simplified regulatory compliance

Ensure that each and every run is performed exactly the same way, and delivers consistent, high quality results with:

  • Advanced in-process monitoring
  • Labware and sample identification
  • Multi-level operator security
  • Built-in SOPs
  • Fluent Gx software tools to support regulatory compliance

Simple and safe sample tracking

  • Fluent ID™ enables high capacity sample identification and tracking
  • Scalable and upgradable identification module supports up to 768 sample tubes per batch
  • Limitless batch reloading
  • Efficient, user-centric ‘load-and-go’ operation
  • Immediate feedback on barcode reading performance
Next Generation liquid sensing and monitoring
  • Detect varying volumes of sample reliably with Fluent’s Adaptive Signal Technology™
  • Receive and log pipetting information and error handling actions
  • Ensure even small sample volumes can be handled
  • Confirm liquid transfers
Enhanced compliance with Tecan consumables

Tecan offers a broad portfolio of high quality consumables, including disposable tips, reagent troughs and microplates.

  • Available in three purity levels: Tecan Standard, Tecan Pure and Tecan Sterile
  • Every product undergoes stringent testing to ensure reliable automation

Simplify regulatory compliance

The Fluent Gx Laboratory Automation Workstation offers specific tools to meet the needs of regulated laboratories.

  • Advanced process security features required for applications in clinical, GMP and QC facilities
  • Includes software features needed to comply with stringent regulatory requirements, including FDA 21 CFR Part 11
  • Fluent Gx Assurance Software extends all the liquid handling and workflow benefits of Fluent
Regulatory support

Need help implementing Fluent Gx in your laboratory? Unsure which regulations affect your laboratory automation? Tecan’s experienced global regulatory team is ready to help.

Flexibility for today and tomorrow

Future-proof your investment and ensure that the system won’t become obsolete as your automation needs change over time with:

  • Freely configurable Dynamic Deck™ worktable
  • Straightforward device integration
  • On-the-fly configuration changes for pipetting and labware handling
  • Field upgrades for all arms and options

Versatile tube and plate handling with the Robotic Gripper Arm™

  • Fast delivery of labware to the instrument’s pipetting arms and integrated devices
  • Works without interrupting the pipetting processes
  • Unique Finger Exchange System™ is a field-upgradable option to further extend the range of labware formats and devices that can be accommodated
  • Long Z axis option to access devices or storage below the workdeck
Patented Dynamic Deck
  • High capacity worktable that can be freely configured and reconfigured in seconds
  • Lower deck level allows tall devices to be integrated, including benchtop systems
  • Allows access to devices below the deck for cabinet-mounted systems
Easy programming and operation

Open architecture FluentControl™ software can easily accommodate even extremely challenging application protocols.

  • Drag and drop development interfaces
  • 3D graphics and Smart Commands for easy visualization and rapid implementation
  • Program and maintain your own scripts as assays and projects change over time
  • Simple copy and paste functions to replicate and accommodate small changes
Third-party device integration
  • Straightforward integration of third-party devices, with access around or below the workdeck
  • Ever-increasing library of device drivers for FluentControl
  • SiLA device driver
  • Zero-G one-touch teaching to simplify hardware interface set-up

Simple plate moves with the Flexible Channel Arm™ Gripper

The Flexible Channel Arm Gripper option can perform simple microplate moves within the worktable area, linking pipetting sequences together to enhance walkaway times.

  • Gripper fingers picked up by any Flexible Channel Arm using disposable tips
  • Can be picked up and put down between pipetting steps
  • Field upgradable option
  • Extends walkaway times for predominantly liquid handling processes, eg. genomic extraction protocols
  • Can work in parallel with a Robotic Gripper Arm for more complex process automation